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Where does a cappella fit in? For it’s importance in the history and evolution of music, it has no regular home on the radio dial. It rarely receives the accolades it deserves.  Although it’s played a crucial role in the development of popular music, it is more often than not overlooked in discussions of music history.
This extraordinary documentary hopes to change all that.

Having spent the past year assisting filmmaker/documentarian Keith Lewis as he has chronicled this invaluable musical art form and meeting with some of today’s greatest a cappella practitioners, it has opened my eyes to a cappella music’s complexity and made me further realize how it’s artistry is routinely overlooked by both historians and the music industry.

But all of that aside, one need not be an academic or scholar to appreciate the power and beauty of a cappella music,  as this documentary
abundantly illustrates.

In order to feel the full impact of a cappella …. simply LISTEN! You’ll be
hooked forever!

James Power

I was truly humbled by both the talent and expertise of all those that appear in this film. Their professionalism and dedication to the art is extraordinary.

Keith Lewis
Director / Filmmaker

In order to keep this documentary available to as many people as possible, we are offering it at the low introductory price of only $15.00. A portion of all proceeds go to support our continued outreach to schools and educational programs, and to cover overhead costs for pressing & distribution.

Please note that if you are an educator at a school you and your students may be eligible to receive a free copy of this film. Please email us at info@aboutvcg.com
for more details.




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